Élan Motorsports

Race Car Designer & Manufacturer

From the car through to components, Élan can help you improve your vehicle's racing performance. We want to help you get on that podium as much as you want to be there.


Designed to compete in the NASA Prototype series or other sprint-style competition, the Élan NP01 has just about everything: performance, reliability, closed-cockpit design, great looks, and affordability.


Élan has designed, manufactured and assembled cars for all levels of racing. Our experts have hands-on knowledge from many years of sprint and endurance racing and know what it takes to make them perform and last.


Élan Power has been the go-to company for race engines for many years working with four-cylinder Mazda MZR IMSA lites engines to powerful Trans-am, Dodge Viper, and Ferrari power-plants including class winners at Le Mans.

From engine tuning to manufacturing components through to providing a race-ready vehicle, Élan Motorsports is here to help you with your racing needs.


Élan Motorsports
1394 Broadway Avenue
Braselton, GA 30517