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Panoz/Èlan DP01 Champ Car and DP09 Superleague Race Cars Duke it out in Europe’s Exciting BOSS GP Series

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Panoz/Èlan DP01 Champ Car and DP09 Superleague Race Cars Duke it out in Europe’s Exciting BOSS GP Series


Èlan Motorsports Technologies ceased production of its Panoz DP01 Champ Car World

Series and Panoz DP09 Superleague Formula race cars, yet examples still compete in various vintage motorsports events. One where these cars shine is the 2016 BOSS GP.

According to the organizers, the BOSS (Big Open Single Seaters) GP series “is built on speed, spectacle and noise. Brute race monsters from Formula 1 go head to head against GP2, IndyCar, World Series by Renault and other powerful, fast and noisy Formula cars.”

Panoz DP01 and DP09 race cars, with their powerful V8 and V12 engines, respectively, perfectly fit that bill.



The series visits some of Europe’s most famous and challenging circuits, including Hockenheim, Monza and Imola. There are two classes: the Open class for Formula 1, Champ Cars and IndyCars; and the Formula class for other single seat cars with engine displacements over 3000cc. A 2016 BOSS GP champion will be crowned in each class at the Oct. 9, 2016 BOSS GP Super Prix at Imola at the conclusion of six double-header events.

Team Easy Formula, based in France and led by the father-son duo of Gilles and Christopher Brenier, campaigns a pair of Panoz DP09 Superleague Formula cars in the Formula class.

Gils Brenier Christopher Brenier

At the midpoint of the season and having just completed the Peroni Race Weekend at Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza, Italy, Christopher Brenier leads the 2016 BOSS GP championship’s Formula class with 141 total points.

“Driving the Superleague there was really impressive, with a top speed over 320 kph (199 mph),” said Christopher Brenier, who qualified P4 in class and P8 overall. He placed P2 in class and P4 overall in Race 1 before the race was red flagged due to weather. “In Race 2, I managed to get the second position overall and first in class.”

bossgp_monza_brenier-19 bossgp_monza_brenier-52 bossgp_brenier_rbr-9 bossgp_monza_2016_race1-4

Christopher also clocked the event’s quickest overall lap in the Formula class, while his father Gilles improved his lap times all weekend and placed P9 in Race 2. Overall Christopher has won three of the first six Formula class races.

Peter Milavec, Austria, competes in the BOSS GP Open class with the GP Racing Panoz DP01. He currently is in second place with 86 points, and scored a third-place podium at the Peroni Race Weekend at Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza, Italy.

The Panoz/Èlan DP01 and DP09
Panoz and Élan Motorsports Technologies developed the Panoz DP01 for the 2007 Champ Car World Series season. About 60 percent of its 5,500 lbs of  downforce came via underbody aerodynamics, and it weighed about 1,550 lbs  and featured a 950-horsepower Cosworth XFE 2.65-liter turbocharged V8. The DP01 could go from 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds, and had an approximate top speed of 240 mph.


In 2007 three-time and defending Champ Car champion Sébastien Bourdais drove the No. 1 McDonald’s Cosworth/Panoz/Bridgestone DP01 and broke the existing Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track record with a time of 1:05.880 (122.295 mph). Ricardo Zonta in the Toyota F1 race car set the previous record (1:06.309) in 2006.


Around the same time Panoz and Èlan engineers developed the Panoz DP09 to be the exclusive chassis for Europe’s new Superleague Formula series that began in 2008.

The DP09 featured a 750-horsepower 4.2-liter V12 engine designed by Menard Competition Technologies.  It also featured underbody aerodynamics, a Hewland six-speed semi-automatic gearbox, and weighed about 1,650 lbs. The DP09 race cars also were sans traction control, launch control and anti-stall technologies, making performance dependent on driver skill and team set up.

2019: A Successful Year For Élan Power!

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Élan Power notches up another year of wins and podiums across multiple series and continents in 2019.

November 25, 2019, Braselton, Ga –  Élan Power would like to congratulate and thank all its customers for a successful year of racing in 2019. Élan Power has provided engines and engine solutions to a multitude of customers competing in many different series from vintage through to today’s modern sportscar, and across continents.

This season Élan Power has provided engines to teams that has resulted in over 45 wins and over 80 podium finishes. This includes:

  • SRO GT4 America –Pro Drivers championship-Ian James-Team Panoz Racing
  • SRO GT4 America Sprint X Amateur Championship- Preston/Matt-Team Panoz Racing
    • Results include:
      • Total wins: 12/29 – 42%   (Pro: 4/15 – 27%) (Am: 8/14 – 57%)
      • Total Podiums: 20/29 – 69%   (Pro: 9/15 – 60%) (Am: 11/14 – 79%)
      • 1st – Sprint Drivers Championship
      • 1st – Sprint-X Drivers Championship
      • 1st – Team Championship
      • 2nd – Sprint Manufacturers Championship
      • 3rd – Sprint-X Manufacturers Championship
  • Atlantic Pro Series Champion- Dario Cangialosi-K Hill Motorsports
  • Atlantic Pro Series Masters Champion-Richard Zober- Swann Motorsports
  • SCCA Majors Points Champion- Dario Cangialosi-K Hill Motorsports
  • SCCA Run-offs National Champion (Atlantic)-Flinn Lazier- K hill Motorsports
  • SCCA Run-offs National Champion (P1)- Todd Slusher- One Motorsports
  • SCCA Majors Points Champion (P1)- Todd Slusher- One Motorsports
  • SCCA Super Tour SE Champion Darryl Schoff(P1)-Comprent Motorsports
  • NASA Time Trial National Champion-James Paul(SU)- Comprent Motorsports
  • European Vintage GT1,  5 Wins (Saleen S7)-Florent Moulin- -Team Art and REVs
  • European Vintage (Panoz GTR1) , 4 Wins, Team JMB Classic
“It’s been a fantastic year for Élan Power,” said Chris Smith, Engine Program Manager. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and congratulate them on their very successful seasons. We look forward to securing you more victories in 2020.”

A Successful Weekend For Élan Motorsports with the NP01

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Élan Motorsports notches up another win at Barber Motorsports Park this weekend at the Sportscar Showdown with their #00 Élan NP01, whilst also achieving the fastest lap in both races.

August 22, 2018, Braselton, Ga –  Élan Motorsports competed with their #00 Élan NP01 at the World Racing League’s Sportscar Showdown endurance races at Barber Motorsports Park this past weekend. The car, leased and driven by Kevin Ross, Catesby Jones, David Chow, William Tally, and Ethan Billions, competed in both the nine-hour race Saturday and the seven-hour on Sunday.

Besides Ross and Chow, this was the other drivers’ first time racing the Élan NP01. Ross started the nine hours of Race 1, and lapped the field in the first hour and 30-minutes. Unfortunately, Chow, driving second, had issues with his cool suit and after fixing it had dropped down a couple of laps. Tally, Billions, Ross for a second stint, followed by Jones then completed the race in one-hour, 30-minute stints, to end the race fourth in class, eighth overall. Billions also drove the fastest lap of the race on lap 168 with a time of 1:39.468.

Tally took the wheel at the start of Race 2 in damp conditions following the pre-race rainfall. In a two-hour stint Tally maintained second position, the only car on the lead lap, following the only other Élan NP01 in the race, the #19 run by Ricky Sanders Racing, in the lead. Billions took over the lead position prior to the mandatory quiet thanks to good pitting strategy and maintained following the stationary period. With final stints from Ross, then Tally, Billions returned to the wheel to finish the race, taking the checkered flag in first, eight laps ahead of the rest of the field and also securing the fastest lap time again with a 1:36.624.

All drivers achieved quicker lap times in Race 2 compared to Race 1, proving the NP01’s usability. The Élan Motorsports #00 was approximately two-seconds faster than the #19 Élan NP01, both approximately two-seconds faster than any other car on track. Despite needing an axle change in Race 1, the #00 still completed the race, not dropping back below eighth position, due to the axle change taking less time than the time taken to tow the car back to the pit, also proving the car’s efficiency of design.

The Élan Motorsports #00 NP01 is available to rent for a race weekend. For more details, please click here.



William Tally

“A huge Thank you to crew chief/engineer Brandon White for a great weekend and victory and Barber.  A second thank you to elan Motorsports for creating the np01- what a thrill to drive.  It’s a go-cart on steroids!  As a rookie driver i was nervous about managing its performance, turns out for no reason. He np01 is a very capable yet forgiving car that allows you to approach both yours and it’s limits without biting.  I can’t wait for the next race!”

Ethan Billions

“I was a very last minute addition to the team, as one of our drivers felt ill after the practice day and couldn’t continue. It was also my first endurance race, first time driving the NP01, and first time racing at Barber Motorsports Park. That being said Brandon White and the Élan team provided an absolutely amazing car with a perfect setup. 

I was able to hop in my first stint on Saturday and set the fastest time of the weekend. unfortunately we had a mechanical issue that took us out of contention for a win. But we knew the true speed of our car and pressed on for Sunday. 

In Sunday’s race the car had blistering pace once again, as did my fellow drivers William Tally and Kevin Ross. I was able to once again set the fastest lap of the weekend in my first stint and exited the car with the team sitting P1 with almost a lap advantage. On the restart both William and Kevin drove superbly, allowing me to close our race with a five lap lead on the rest of the field. In my last stint I was able to bring the car to the checkered flag to take the victory, with an eight lap lead on the rest of the field. 

The team, both drivers and crew, operated at the highest level all weekend and enough cannot be said about just how well prepped our Élan NP01 was. 

Thanks to the Brandon White and the team for working so hard, especially under unforeseen circumstances. A fantastic team and great drivers ensured our victory. I can’t wait for the next race with the team!”

David Chow

“The NP01 is a fantastic car to race!  Robust, safe and has real aero that dominates the class.  I’ll be back for more enduros!”