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Racecar Designer & Manufacturer

With over 30 years in the industry, Élan has a wealth of experience in vehicle design, manufacturing and assembly.

Our Cars

Back in 1999, Élan Motorsports acquired Van Diemen the world’s largest volume manufacturer of single-seat race cars, respected for its engineering excellence, on-track performance and integrity.

Since then, Élan has continued with a mission to acquire and cultivate the best technical, manufacturing and design experts under one roof to build race cars that offer customers performance, reliability and a driving experience unlike any other.


DP02 is a high-tech, purpose-built sports car designed to help develop advanced drivers with aspirations of graduating to professional racing’s next level. The single-seat prototype is currently eligible for multiple series.


The Élan DP08 has competed on both sides of the Atlantic and is the star of the field in USF2000 competition. Proven to be extremely quick, the DP08 makes an excellent platform to hone set-up skills and driver ability.