Élan DP08

Your Single-Seat Prototype

The Élan DP08 is the star of the field in USF2000 competition.

Performance  –  Reliability  –  Durability

The culmination of 30 years of development , the Élan DP08 has proven to be extremely quick and well suited for 2.0 liter competition. The triangulated tube chassis is light and extremely rigid, making for an excellent platform to hone set-up skills and driver ability.

As the car of choice for the USF2000 series, the DP08 has a well documented history of reliability, durability and low cost performance. Carl Haas Automobile Imports serves as the U.S. Distributor for DP08 and DP02  components and their great reputation for service and parts availability are well known world wide.


  • Powered by Mazda MZR 2.0l engine
  • 130+ mph top speed
  • 1,190lbs minimum weight
  • 110 octane VP Racing fuel, capacity 7l.

Competition Features

  • Hewland JL-200 five-speed sequential transmission
  • Dynamic 1640 three-way sealed suspension dampers
  • Independent double-wishbone pushrod suspension
  • Two-part aluminum calipers acting on steel-ventilated disc brakes
  • OZ one-piece aluminum wheels, 7 x 13″ front and 9 x 13″ rear


  • High nose constructed from lightweight pre-preg composites
  • Front one-piece main plane with adjustable flaps
  • Rear diffuser constructed from lightweight pre-preg composites
  • Single-element fixed rear wing with two adjustable flaps


  • Anti-impact R.E.A.M.S. side impact panels on both sides of driver
  • Wheel tethers
  • Six-point safety harness
  • FIA approved steel roll hoop
  • Cockpit helmet surround – HANS compatible


  • 4130 steel tube frame chassis

As with all Élan race cars, Carl Haas is the exclusive distributor for all DP08 race car parts. Please click here to see the current list of parts and prices. To order parts, please contact Carl Haas Automobile Imports Inc. directly at:

Carl Haas Automobile Imports Inc.
500 Tower Pkwy, Lincolnshire, IL 60069

For all inquiries or for more information on the DP02, please contact Brandon White:


(706) 658-2041