About Us

Élan Motorsports: Racecar Designer & Manufacturer

Originally founded by Don Panoz, Élan Motorsports has manufactured and developed amateur through to professional race cars and engines for over 30 years.

Élan Motorsports

Élan Motorsports’ predecessor company, Élan Technologies, was founded in 1997 and quickly became an industry leader with the best technical, manufacturing and design experts under one roof.

In 2002 the Élan expertise was merged with the Van Diemen International heritage to introduce the manufacturing of a line of high quality and competitive race cars with the associated global skills and capabilities which further expanded the company.

Today, Élan Motorsports is a company that specializes in race car design, manufacturing and development and engine tuning and development through it’s division Élan Power.

Affiliated companies include Panoz LLC, a luxury sports car manufacturer, and DeltaWing, a full service design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing leader providing solutions to industries ranging from personal and commercial transportation to aviation, aerospace, and defense projects.