Èlan NP01

Designed to compete in the NASA Prototype series or other sprint-style competition, the Èlan NP01 has just about everything: performance, reliability, closed-cockpit design, great looks, and affordability. At just $76,125 (2017 pricing), each easy-to-assemble kit contains everything needed (minus fluids, safety belts, foam seat insert, and side nets) to build a running and driving Èlan NP01. NOTE: Further preparation is required to  make it race ready.  A 50% deposit is required with each order and the remaining balance is due shipping of the kit.

The kit includes the engine and transaxle, wheels, tires, wiring harness, brakes, all suspension components, all body panels, side intrusion protection panels, fire suppression system, and much more. While we strongly recommend having a professional assemble the kit, no welding or fabrication is required and most cars can be completed in 80 to 100 hours.




The included content list is long and full of quality components:

  • Lightweight ready for paint composite body panels
  • 185 HP, 2.0-Liter Mazda MZR Engine, Tuned and Sealed by Èlan
  • ACT Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel
  • AEM Infinity ECU
  • AIM MXL2 Dash
  • MCS Double Adjustable Shocks
  • OZ   17 x 9 Wheels
  • Sadev SL75 Six-Speed Sequential Transaxle
  • StopTech Forged Calipers
  • Toyo Proxes RR 235 40-17 Tires
  • Wilwood Pedals and Master Cylinders
  • 12-Gal Pyrotect Fuel Cell
  • Wiper
  • Tail/Brake lights
  • Electron Speed Body and Engine Wiring

The complete kit price is $76,125 (2017 pricing).  A 50% deposit is required with each order and the remaining balance is due shipping of the kit.

Èlan Motorsports offers NP01 assembly services ($9,775) for those who prefer to receive their NP01 as a running car. NOTE: Further preparation is required to make it “race ready.”


Élan NP01 Specifications
For a current pdf version to print, please click here.


Dry weight:                              1,450 lbs. (estimate)

Wheelbase:                             102 inches

Length:                                    161 inches

Height:                                     43.9 inches

Width:                                      75.4 inches

Horsepower:                           185

Torque:                                   145 lb./ft.

Max Track Speed:                   155 mph



  • Center single-seat enclosed prototype racecar for NASA Prototype competition
  • Composite body with easily replaced individual sections to minimize repair costs
  • Prototype-style doors with latches
  • Functional front splitter
  • Adjustable full-width rear wing
  • Headlight openings (headlights are optional), tail and rain lights
  • Windshield wiper
  • Polycarbonate windshield and side windows
  • AEM Infinity sealed ECU
  • AIM MXL2 Dash


  • 1018 steel-tube frame with integral roll cage structure constructed with TIG and MIG welding
  • Side intrusion-protection panels
  • Force attenuation nose box structure and side structures
  • Adjustable suspension with MCS double-adjustable shocks
  • 235/40/17 Toyo Proxes RR Tires
  • 17-inch x 9-inch OZ Wheels
  • StopTech forged-aluminum four-piston brake calipers
  • Hawk Performance brake pads
  • Two-piece rotors with aluminum hats
  • 11-gal. Pyrotect fuel cell
  • Safecraft 5-lb. electric fire suppression system


  • Sealed Mazda 2.0-liter, four-cylinder MZR engine with dry sump
  • Six-speed sequential Sadev SL75 transaxle
  • ACT 8 lb. steel flywheel and race clutch disc


The Èlan NP01 race car includes all components necessary to assemble a running, drivable Èlan NP01. The only items needed in addition to the original order are safety belts, nets, fluids and fuel. Everything else is included; chassis, body, engine, transaxle, seat, wheels, a set of race tires, all necessary hardware and fasteners, wiring, ECU, all suspension components, etc. NOTE: Further preparation is required to make it “race ready.”


It is highly recommended that assembly be completed by an experienced, competent technician familiar with race car design, assembly and operation.



As with all Èlan race cars, Carl Haas is the exclusive distributor for all Èlan NP01 race car parts. Please click here to see the current list of parts and prices. To order parts, please contact Carl Haas Automobile Imports Inc. directly at:

Carl Haas Automobile Imports Inc.
500 Tower Pkwy, Lincolnshire, IL 60069


For more information about the NASA Prototype series, visit NASAProRacing.com and NASAPrototype.com.


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