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From SCCA To Le Mans Winning Engines

2019: 10+ Championships, 45+ Wins, 80+ Podiums

Élan Power provides clients with engines to fit any type of vehicle, for any kind of race environment, fit for any race specifications.

Superior Engine Performance

2019 has brought tremendous success for Élan Power’s clients and we are delighted for them: 10+ Championships, 45+ Wins and 80+ Podiums! We look forward to continuing that success in 2020. To find out more about 2019, click here!

Élan Power provides innovative engine building development and management programs that supply cutting-edge technology for projects in any racing environment around the world.


Élan Power is known for its ability to develop, build and service world-class drivetrain power plant systems more affordably and reliably which has secured many opportunities to transform existing drivetrain programs. With an eye toward making the car faster rather than just “more horsepower,” Élan Power analyzes all factors related to the engine-chassis interaction in an effort to enhance the success of the entire program.

If you are looking into engine design and development, fuel management and rebuild services or electronic and non-electronic engine management systems, Élan Power will utilize their extensive machining, flow test, quality control and dynamometer facilities to rebuild your engine or design one from the ground up.

Equipment & Capabilities

  • Sunnen internal hone–sizes through holes from .5″ -2.75″ with .0001″ accuracy
  • Sunnen Cylinder Hone —Automotive specific cylinder sizing machine
  • Serdi 5.0—- Automotive valve seat and guide machining center
  • Sunnen Balancer—- Balances rotating parts
  • Sunnen center less valve grinder–for shaping and refinishing automotive poppet style valves
  • Sunnen -head and block mill–48″/18″ inch capacity
  • (2) Froude G490 dynos with CP closed loop controls, 3500 cfm/ temp./humidity controlled combustion air unit
  • 700 cfm flow bench- for measuring airflow
  • Cam Doctor with Audi Tech. acquisition software– for measuring and evaluating valve train
  • Hommelwerke surface finish measurement— use to measure surface roughness of machined/ honed parts.
  • Numerous inspection/measuring devices

The Élan Power team also have access to DeltaWing manufacturing’s world class, CNC machining, composite and engineering capabilities.

From 1.6-liter, four cylinder engines to big modular V8s and monster V10 and V12 race engines, Élan has put many teams in the winners circle.


Panoz Avezzano GT

2017 through 2019, the Panoz Avezzano GT raced with an LS3-based Élan Power Products V8 and enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the Pirelli World Challenge GTS Championship / GT4 America Championship.

2019: 12 Wins, 20 Podiums meant a Driver’s Championships win in both the Sprint Category and Sprint-X Category and a Team Championship win. A second and a third place in the Sprint and Sprint-X Manufacturer’s Championship categories respectively.

2018: 8 Wins, 12 Podiums, 5 Poles meant a Manufacturer’s Championship win, a third in the Teams’ and Drivers’ Championships.

2017: 6 Wins, 10 Podiums, 18 Races meant a second-place finish in both the Driver’s and Manufacturer’s Championships.

Engine Features:

  • Chevrolet LS based V8
  • Custom Carrillo connecting rods
  • Custom Mahle piston based on the OE design for increased reliability and serviceability
  • Dailey dry sump system
  • Comp Cams valve train components for increased reliability
  • Elan calibrated, custom coded Motec M1 with gearbox control integration


Engine features:

  • Mazda 2.0 liter MZR based
  • In house designed and machined intake manifold and sump
  • 3 stage gerotor style dry sump pump
  • AEM engine management with flat shift control
  • Output controlled within 1.5%  and sealed for series control

NP01 ST1 Package

Engine features:

  • Offered as a performance increase to the NP01 series engine
  • Elan modified cylinder head for increased mass flow
  • Custom Mahle high compression pistons
  • Kent Cams/G&S valve train package
  • Lightweight billet connecting rods with forged steel crankshaft
  • 240 horsepower at 7900 rpm that fits perfectly within NASA ST1 based on power to weight ratio

Mazda MZR 2.3L, Atlantic/SCCA P1

Élan developed versions of the Mazda MZR 2.3L that continued to be successful. In 2017 the Élan 2.3 liter garnered several national event wins, track records and powered Keith Grant to his first Atlantic National championship.

Engine features:

  • Lightweight Élan Power/Mahle pistons with custom low drag ring package and skirt design
  • Carrillo custom steel connecting rods designed for our package
  • Dailey dry sump oil pump with separator
  • Élan machined, super-efficient cylinder head
  • Technical partnership with Kent cams on cam design
  • 260-310 hp depending on rules and restrictor size

DeltaWing Racing 2.0L DI/ turbo

Élan, once again, was all hands on deck to produce a race engine fit for the unique DeltaWing car in a very short time.

In 8 weeks Élan had a cast block prototype running to develop the direct injection and turbo controls. Four weeks later, the lightweight billet block version was produced that ultimately made over 450 hp with a complete engine weight of 180 pounds. The program showed steady progress with a best result of fourth overall at Petit LeMans.

Engine features:

  • Élan/Deltawing billet block that weighed 28 pounds
  • Integrated main caps/sump/dry sump pump for tight packaging and weight savings
  • Élan machined cylinder head based on Mazda casting
  • 3D printed intake manifold

Robertson Racing - Doran Design/H Craft, Ford GT

Élan Power returned to the ALMS GT-2 field in late 2010 in the beautiful Robertson Racing Ford GT. The car was prepared by Dick Barbour racing of Braselton Ga. The engine project continued into 2011 with a comprehensive development program focused on increased horsepower, fuel efficiency and reliability. The result: A podium finish at LeMans!

Engine features:

  • Ford OE style head and block castings
  • EPP proprietary barrel throttles
  • EPP/ Mahle ultra light pistons
  • Ultra low friction cylinder liners
  • EPP/ Comp Cams proprietary valve train components
  • Dailey Engineering dry sump system

Mazda MZR 2.0L

Élan developed a Mazda MZR based 2.0 liter for SCCA CSR competition. This engine propelled Matt Miller to his first SCCA national championship.

Engine features:

  • Rules mandated 10:1 compression
  • Ultra light Mahle 2 ring pistons
  • Piston guided Carrillo rods
  • Élan machined ultra flow head.
  • Comp cams proprietary cam shafts
  • 260+ hp @ 9000 RPM

Panoz GT-2 Modular Ford 5.0 Liter

The challenge: Could the Ford 32 valve modular V-8 be developed to compete against the most established racing manufacturers in the world: Porsche and Ferrari?

In three short years, Panoz Motorsports and Élan Power produced shocking results with the Panoz Esperante, including American Le Mans series wins: 12 Hours of Sebring GT twice, and the crown jewel with Team LNT, GT-2 winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Engine featured:

  • Factory Ford produced head and block castings
  • Elan low friction cylinder liners
  • Original equipment, forged, rolled fillet crankshaft with extensive lightening and counter weight phasing for extended high RPM use
  • Carrillo rods with DLC coated Del West wrist pin
  • Original equipment cylinder heads with extensive port development and lightening
  • Elan designed barrel throttle with proprietary castings and carbon fiber runners
  • Bosch MS 4.0 engine management system with active detonation control, flat shift, and lateral G sensitive traction control.

Saleen S7 Acemco Motorsports 7.0 Liter

Acemco Motorsports chose Élan Power for a power upgrade for their GTS Saleen S7. Following this the team, car, engine, combination was very successful. The package was highly competitive against the mighty GM Corvette program with several pole positions and podiums. The engine was further updated in 2009 for FIA GT and achieved two poles and two wins with a limited schedule.

Engine featured: 

  • Ford based aluminum block with proprietary low friction liners.
  • Bryant racing lightweight crankshaft
  • Carrillo rods with DLC on steel pins
  • High port, Ford based cylinder heads with seats and valves prepared for unleaded fuel
  • Valve train developed in conjunction with Comp cams and Jesel with net valve lift approaching .800
  • Élan Power designed billet sump with 5 stage lobe style scavenge system with all scavenge plumbing machined into the sump
  • Élan Power/DeltaWing composites carbon fiber intake manifold, featuring an Élan/DeltaWing developed technique that produces smooth, molded surface finishes on both the inside and outside of parts
  • Élan power tuned Bosch MS 4.2 engine management with active detonation control,
  • Flat shift, and lateral G sensitive traction control

Rafanelli-Olive Garden Ferrari 550 GTS

Élan Power inherited this project which was in need of a big power increase. All hands were on deck and every resource was used to complete the project in record time. This was a great example of how modeling and predicting software can be used to limit development time: As soon as the prototype cylinder head port was finalized, the flow/lift curve was fed into an in-progress model and camshaft information was relayed to a masterless grinder. The model and predicting software was used to design the intake runner shape and length and production started on a new carbon fiber intake manifold. In 11 weeks, we had a completely different engine that made 35% more average horse power and 68 additional ft/lbs of peak torque. This car and engine hounded the perennial GTS front runners with numerous podiums and a pole position at Petit Le Mans.

Engine included:

  • Factory Ferrari V-12 block fitted with Perfect bore liners and EPP designed, no gasket, head-to-block sealing solution
  • Extensively modified Ferrari 575 crank for weight reduction
  • Custom Carrillo rods with steel on DLC small ends
  • Del west titanium valves and DLC coated oversized buckets
  • Optimized billet aluminum/carbon fiber intake manifold.
  • Customer supplied EFI systems (Europe) engine management system

Panoz LMP1

Based on the reliable 302 Ford, Élan Power developed this car’s engine into one of the most capable sportscar race engines in the world. This engine went through a comprehensive development program with every aspect of the engine engineered to compete at the highest level in the world. With the newly developed engine, the Panoz achieved 4 wins over the mighty factory Audi R-8 team and best finish of 5th overall at Le Mans. The last specification was the Élan 6L8LMP1. This combination was also used successfully by Jim Mathews racing in his Riley and Scott mark IIc with a best finish of second at the 24 hours of Daytona.

Engine included:

  • Ford racing aluminum block- CNC machined, prototype sized roller cam bearings
  • Bryant Racing ultra light custom crank shaft
  • Custom Carrillo rods
  • Structural sump with 5-stage lobe style dry sump system
  • CNC machined Ford C3 cylinder heads
  • Valve train developed in conjunction with Comp Cams with a net valve lift approaching .800î
  • Bosch 2.9 fuel management with Élan Power calibrated, cylinder pressure/crank phase based, active detonation control
  • Carbon fiber intake manifold with 2 injectors per cylinder phased in/out for different conditions
  • Horsepower 640 Torque 550 (depending on restrictor)
  • 25 race hour service life

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